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“With the firm awareness that quality is the pillar of any industry, we have skilled labor to ensure the quality of final products of our clients, offering professional services at competitive costs.”

About us

We are a 100% Mexican company, located in the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and dedicated to providing manufacturing and quality control services to companies in the local, national and foreign industry.


We started operations on May 20th of 2015 as an individual with a total of 6 employees offering the services of fasteners recovery for the automotive industry, freight, machining and welding services in general.


For November of 2016, the company is constituted as a corporate entity, thanks to the efforts of our employees, provision, continuous improvement and the confidence of our clients, we expand our operations in manufacturing processes inside and outside our customers’ facilities, increasing our work base to 40 employees.


By September of 2017, we added quality control services increasing our staff to 60 collaborators; we have a team willing to serve you responsibly and integrate in the solution of their problems so that they can achieve their goals.

Ingserma Misión y Visión


Being a company that provides a quality service and immediate solutions exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers at the best cost in the market.


To be a leading company in providing Manufacturing and Quality control services to the industry of Nuevo Laredo and the region providing integral solutions to our customer.


We offer many different solutions to contain your process or supplier quality problems and guarantee the quality and satisfaction of your end customer.


All the results are recorded in a written report and on our website or sent to the client if they prefer.


Using visual, tactile or special testing machines, our workforce will certify that any product meets the specifications. From the receipt of materials to GP12 projects.

Sorting & Containment

Got a quality issue? We are prepared to deploy a team to sort your products and implement containment actions. Our service includes daily reporting through our QAR tracking system.


Defective parts may not always mean waste. Our rework services will repair your products at the best cost-effective way to make your product comply with specifications, avoiding returning costs, over production to supply new comply product and expedited freights just to say some.

Labeling & Packaging

Engineering changes, special orders, import & export or changes on your packaging or labeling to which ever purpose, don’t worry, we can handle your needs. Material can be sent to our facilities where we will get the job done. Quantities and observations are reflected in a final report for your tracking.

Salvage Programs

We can assembly a production line for low or high demand components or subassemblies as the customer needs. We provide a complete components salvage program including disassembly, zinc plating, E-Coat, aluminum alodize and impregnation, CNC Machining, etc.

Kits Assembly

Need kits? We are your solution, with the necessary infrastructure and trained labor to perform these types of works.


Supplier Representation

We represent your brand and your products. When talking of quality issues fast response is a must, but is material being handled correctly? is assembly process properly? With INGSERMA you can have an on-site collaborator with all the needed knowledge of your product to solve any quality issue.


Cleaning of Components

If your process requires that the material is received in optimal cleaning conditions and comes contaminated, we focus on removing dirt, particles and / or materials outside the material.

Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding is a form of cylindrical grinding that allows high trough-put production with excellent roundness, low RA/RMS Surface finishes and real low diameter tolerances.


Cabinet Sand Blasting

Get rid of oxide, rust, coatings, or just clean your components for any manufacturing process needed. Our Cabinets will fit any component under the next dimensions: 18” x 24” x 32”.

Materials that can be processed: All metals (Including Copper, Brass, Nickel, Carbon, Stainless Steel, Alloys, Aluminum) & Plastics.


Manual Assemblies

Through this modality we can offer solutions for increased production of your customers, line startup, project transfers or manual assemblies of medium and low volume that stop the flow of your final assembly lines.

CNC Machining Services

INGSERMA can help you to reduce product costs and increase your competitive edge by utilizing our automated CNC machining capabilities. We are committed to provide you with the best machined products and services at the most competitive prices.


Solutions by project
Isolated event in which the staff appears as soon as the customer request and withdraws as soon as the service ends.
Solutions by residence

An On-Site service where our staff stays in customers facility as required to cover specific shifts with specific responsibilities.

Solutions in plant or in our facilities
We can offer our clients the option of performing the required services within their plant or in our facilities, where we have the necessary infrastructure to carry out any of the services we offer.

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